It’s continuously evolving.

It all began with one man, one desk, and a smartphone loaded with business media contacts and potential clients. When Kevin Dinino first launched KCD PR in 2009, he had a 10-year track record in financial public relations and a vision to transform marketing communications for the finance, fintech, and B2B industries. His entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking have helped us grow into the multidisciplinary agency we are today, with a
results-oriented ethos, proven track record, and diverse client list.

San Diego roots, national reach.

Headquartered in spectacular San Diego, CA, KCD PR has attracted a team of industry experts who are adept at crafting strategic communications programs and maintaining an expansive network of media contacts throughout the country. It is our close interaction with influential business media and our ability to help brands stand out from competitors in a crowded marketplace that have helped us earn our awards and client accolades.


The reasons are many, but if you ask our clients, you’ll likely hear something about our long-term commitment, custom solutions, and our commitment to developing marketing and PR strategies into creative programs that deliver on their business goals. Or it could be our good looks.

We will manage your reputation like it’s our own.

Controlling how the media, industry influencers, and target audiences perceive your brand is our expertise. When KCD PR secures a media opportunity for a client, we maximize it with coaching, preparation, personal oversight, and consistent follow-up. We focus on making the best impression and staying on message. We’ll even join you on interviews and coach you through the process.

We will keep you on track.

Some clients love us for this, other clients, not so much. But ensuring you’re focused on the milestones and tasks at hand is our job. The key to any successful public relations or marketing strategy is timing, consistency, and momentum. These calculated, progressive steps will evolve your brand and make it more likely that we’ll nail your objectives.

In the Office

We Won’t waste your time or resources.

Not all media opportunities are the best fit for our clients. Relevancy and impressions matter. That’s why our team of media strategists only focuses on opportunities that will move your business forward and serve your immediate and/or long-term interests. We’ll filter out the rest.

We will hook you up with impactful marketing tools.

First, we will identify what branding elements and marketing collateral your business actually needs.Then our designers, writers, and marketers will get to work creating them. Whether it’s a logo, style guide, messaging matrix, press release, brochure, or a new responsive website, our skilled team will produce distinctive, effective, and on-brand marketing materials for use across a broad spectrum of channels.

We will keep you up to date.

Regardless of the type of project we undertake, every KCD PR client receives a monthly report on our team’s time, including project status and highlights, analytics, and exciting media opportunities that have us stoked. It’s all about transparency and setting proper expectations.