Drive your agenda. Not someone else’s.

Gain a competitive advantage through media interviews! Learning to speak with the media gives you a business edge you may never have thought possible. An interview with a reporter represents a business advantage, so what you say and how you say it is paramount. Your words must be meaningful, your statements impactful and you must speak clearly using messages that connect with the audience.
Philippa and Tony


Philippa and Tony have worked all over the world with senior executives, preparing them for the most important moments of their careers. From special situations such as IPOs, class action law suits, acquisitions, crises, and unfriendly press interviews, they have seen it all. The team follows a tried and tested process that matches best practices, tips and pointers with real life experiences to deliver a stimulating and rewarding training session tailored specifically to your needs.

Philippa Ushio


Philippa has provided bespoke training for executives of companies going through times of change (such as an IPO) or crisis, often in preparation for interviews with the national and international media. Specifically, she has trained and guided board members of Credit Suisse, HSBC, Slack Technologies, Atento, The Emirates Group, Pacific Equity Partners, the Minster of Health for Dubai, and various hedge funds and asset management firms. She has an eye for detail, message delivery, and body language and plays a cracking aggressive reporter.

Tony Vignieri

Tony Vignieri

Tony has coached governors, mayors, CEOs, and has conducted interviews with former U.S. presidents and senators over his storied career. For Tony, it’s not hard to play the role of reporter during media training sessions since he was one for over 20 years, working for major CBS and ABC broadcast affiliates in New York, Houston, and Minneapolis. After completing his award-winning broadcast career, he found his niche in public relations and now helps clients master their message through group media training seminars and one-on-one speech coaching sessions. Tony’s insight and knowledge is delivered in an easy-to-understand and conversational style.

The Sessions Focus on:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Visual, vocal and verbal presentation skills
  • Delivering messages
  • Learning how to deliver great quotes
  • Understanding the media
  • Gaining control of interviews
  • Tips and tricks, such as bridging techniques
  • On camera confidence and control
  • Real-life scenario practice
  • Detailed feedback