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Whether they know it or not, all financial institutions are in the technology space and every technology company, one way or another, is in the financial services space. Each industry has its own specific set of challenges and methods of connecting with target audiences, but all are joined in equally competitive landscapes that require communications solutions to successfully navigate and lead in their respective industries.

With a specialized background in both finance and high tech, KCD PR is uniquely positioned to serve fintech companies, from groundbreaking start-ups to established enterprises looking to influence current and prospective customers, accelerate engagement with business and technology media, and promote their businesses with high-impact marketing communications programs. If your fintech business has a vision, KCD PR offers the resources, knowledge and unparalleled services to make it a reality.

services for fintech clients:

  • Core Messaging Development
  • Media and Presentation Training
  • Strategy Development
  • Crisis and Issues Management
  • IPO/M&A Communications
  • Investor Relations
  • C-Suite Communications
  • Social Media Strategy and Curation
  • Brand Communications
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Design and Copywriting

At The Advisor Center, we are constantly talking to our customers about the importance of having a personal brand. KCD PR’s expert team created solutions to not only develop a brand, but also effectively communicate its value to the marketplace. Their team has been a great value-add for us.

THERESA GRALINSKI Marketing Director, The Advisor Center
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