Connecting technology with infrastructure.

The Challenge

Pavia Systems, a Seattle-based transportation technology company, challenged KCD PR to develop and execute a mass media campaign involving strategic outreach and public relations that would result in significant exposure in a crowded marketplace. To develop our strategy, we conducted expansive research on the use of technology in the transportation industry. We then developed key company messages, a strategic plan, and identified target audiences and media.

“We are delighted with the heightened awareness we have received from KCD PR since we began our campaign in 2015. The media exposure has been consistent and has helped us advance our key messages. We selected KCD PR because they bring a unique expertise of building awareness around the critical business communication issues facing many businesses today. We’re excited to partner with KCD PR to further position Pavia Systems as a front-running organization in adopting technology in the transportation industry and beyond.”

– Si Katara, President, Pavia Systems