Connecting technology with infrastructure.

The Challenge

Pavia Systems, a Seattle-based transportation technology company, challenged KCD PR to develop and execute a mass media campaign involving strategic outreach and public relations that would result in significant exposure in a crowded marketplace. To develop our strategy, we conducted expansive research on the use of technology in the transportation industry. We then developed key company messages, a strategic plan, and identified target audiences and media.

“We are delighted with the heightened awareness we have received from KCD PR since we began our campaign in 2015. The media exposure has been consistent and has helped us advance our key messages. We selected KCD PR because they bring a unique expertise of building awareness around the critical business communication issues facing many businesses today. We’re excited to partner with KCD PR to further position Pavia Systems as a front-running organization in adopting technology in the transportation industry and beyond.”

– Si Katara, President, Pavia Systems


The Solution

As an agency, we studied Pavia’s main product, an electronic tablet for highway construction inspectors, and developed a messaging campaign tied to road construction and bridge safety. We enhanced the company’s messaging efforts to engage with potential customers and position Pavia as a thought leader in the space through the implementation of technology. The objective was to connect the product to the end user so that it resonated with the general public. The strategy was very successful— through a combination of targeted media outreach and press release distribution, we were able to secure consistent and significant exposure in both print and broadcast outlets.

KCD PR prepared an extensive media plan and timeline to build upon the momentum and continue to secure online, print and broadcast story placements. We developed consistent press releases about company announcements, industry news, accomplishments, and partnerships. Similarly, KCD PR aligned the current communications strategy with the growth of the organization.


Six months into the project, KCD PR proposed and initiated an educational campaign surrounding the adoption of e-Construction across the industry agencies. The purpose of this campaign was to intensify media coverage by educating the public and stakeholders about the benefits of adopting e-Construction, specifically Pavia’s cutting-edge tool called HeadLight. KCD PR expanded media pitching angles to include the state of the nation’s roads, Highway Trust Fund news and DOT funding projects.


The Results

KCD PR garnered 10 online and print stories that focused on the company, including two regional broadcast placements on Seattle’s KIRO-TV CBS and Houston’s KTRK-TV ABC. Additionally, by developing and distributing a series of press releases, we were able to secure 255 media placements and more than two million gross impressions. KCD PR also provided formal media training to Pavia Systems’ management team before all media (print and broadcast) interviews. By utilizing effective “storytelling,” KCD PR attracted more than 300 attendees for Pavia’s first-ever webinar series, further advancing the company’s transportation offering. Pavia Systems also recognized KCD PR for gaining the company significant and consistent media exposure and visibility, which company executives indicated had a direct impact on the engagement level of webinar attendees.

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