Jun 19

Team Member Profile: Morgan Sanders

Morgan KCD PR

1. What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday?

Not to sound too cliché, but “brunching” tops my list of Sunday activities. I’m always hunting for a new San Diego brunch spot, especially one with a good Bloody Mary. If you have any recommendations, Tweet them to me – @morganheidipr!

2. What was the last thing you bought?

Every major purchase I’ve made recently or plan to make is connected to moving. When I moved to San Diego in December, we could not get my brand new sofa (up to my new condo on the fifth floor. The movers and I spent more than an hour strategizing and testing every possible way to fit the sofa in the elevator or get it up the stairs… at the end of the day, we were defeated by the oddly structured architecture of the building. I considered storing the sofa and “roughing it” without a couch for six months. Ultimately, I broke down and bought a new (two-piece) sectional.

3. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you were older?

Oh boy –I wanted to be a pop star, but once I reached about 12, I realized that my singing voice came with a greater risk of shattering glass than creating award-winning records. For the sake of every bystander, I laid this one to rest.

I also envisioned my face on the big screen – I have personality for days just waiting to be discovered! Though I think I’ve moved passed this ambition, I may still someday become an on-air personality hosting a show like The View. Stay tuned on this front!

4. Interesting communications story?

The first time a client asked me for my opinion on his facial hair, I was taken aback. I thought it was quite funny, but wondered why he was asking me… then it clicked! Prior to presenting at a conference, interviewing with media, or filming a video, it is imperative for me as a PR professional to advise clients on non-verbal communications. This includes appearance: from facial hair to clothing selection (which I’ve also been consulted on numerous times – in fact, I believe ‘fashion consultant’ should be part of the job description).

5. What do you like the most about working at KCD PR?

KCD cares. It may sound like a cheesy slogan, but it holds true at the agency. The team cares about career development and professional growth, making sure everyone has their fruit fix, and physical safety/wellbeing.

Pippa continuously stops what she’s doing to offer me strategic counsel in real-time. This ranges from challenging me to view similar situations with a different lens than I’ve used in the past (often the bird’s eye view approach) to helping me analyze all possible scenarios and predict their outcomes on the spot before selecting the best course of action. Pippa’s “fortune teller” abilities are invaluable and I’m thrilled she’s taking the time and patience to pass her secrets along to me.

I recently told Kevin, our CEO that I wanted to hone my business development skills. Within 2 weeks of that conversation, Kevin sent me to a conference in L.A. to test out my networking abilities. If there is something within the realm of options, they will let you try it at KCD PR.

Another thing I love is the passing of the sweets tradition. Pippa recently banned herself from eating chocolate to fight her sugar addiction. I valiantly volunteered to help offload any offending confectioneries that she needs to get rid of. Lastly, I love the physical support the team provides, such as when I ran into a thermostat and Kelly caught me as I was falling. That could have been a much more painful accident…

6. Favorite sports team:

I bleed burnt orange… meaning, I’m a die-hard University of Texas football fan! I know we haven’t had a great (or even decent) season in about five years, but I remain loyal. I had season tickets to UT games for 15 years. In fact, this is the first season since I was a kid that I don’t have season tickets (warning: This is a sensitive subject and I’m still a bit emotional… especially considering we’re actually expected to have a great season in 2018.)

7. Something you wouldn’t know about me:

Even more than watching sports games, I love being in the center of the action! I played basketball for about 12 years and loved every minute of it! Unfortunately, after more than a decade on the court, I had to face the cold hard truth: I’m vertically challenged… and I don’t make up for my height in speed. I turned in my Nike high tops and knee-length (boy) shorts for a set of clubs. Now you can find me on tee box, fairway and green when I’m able to escape the office and clear my personal to-do list.

I’m sure you’ve heard enough, but one last note: I am two-stepping machine. If you invite me out country dancing, we’ll be friends for life!